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Claire Gallant



I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious. 

~ Albert Einstein

Ok. So I have talents. Curiosity, however, gets us unfathomably far on its own. This Albert Einstein quote was best suited to introduce myself because while most of our personal experiences will show us people sprouting talents and skills at differing rates, our ability to make incredible progress given the right motivation is astounding. When our abilities to love and be loved suddenly depend on it, when we are given the option to make a difference in the lives of the ones we love, we learn. With hopes and dreams at the end of the right line, all of us are capable of walking an unknown incredible mile.

Put succinctly, this reflects the peaking of my interest in all things value and technology. 10 years into arts & culture, I saw that who builds today's technology also actively shapes tomorrow's message. I wanted to be a part of that build. The medium, in many ways, is the message. There is no way to unbind the landscape from the tapestry, or the engraving from the stone. Values are ingrained into everything that we make and do, and we are in constant relationship with the people and things around us. Knowing this, the only question that remains is: What do you want your relationship to be?

Today, I am interested in conversations that re-evaluate the functions of structures that we take for granted: How do society dynamics change when we tokenize value at different points in the production chain? What real-world problems are we underestimating that would kick-start a better version of the world? With tech as exponentially impactful as the ones being developed today, we need to shift our focus and prioritize solving #betterproblems. The past 20th century leaves us not with limitations to our ability to develop more cutting edge tools, but with remaining challenges on how to best distribute and democratize access to those tools. This is the challenge of the 21st - to re-engineer the social mesh that enables our societies to empower themselves, and to do it fast. Technology and Money, when observed more closely, are flexible resources. Only time, for now, is immutable. What will you do with yours?